Sunday, May 1, 2011

Such Is Life

A dear friend recently visited me in my apartment in the evening. As I cleaned, I started expressing some of the things I had been considering during the day and asking what his thoughts were on the matters.  In response, Donovan responded, "Chandler, I think you have too many deep thoughts per day.  You've got to start rationing or something".  I've tried to ration Donovan. My attempts have failed, and so I am here, on writing out some of my thoughts.  This way, at least there will be room for more without the worry of consequent insanity. I do not claim to have "deep" thoughts per say, I think perhaps my thoughts only ranked as "deep" compared to "what will I have for dinner?" and "Should I go to class or should I watch Hulu TV in my apartment instead?".  Additionally, my writing is not superb but I think perhaps this will be an important step to making it so.  Please bear with me.
I chose C'est La Vie as my blog title because...I love it.  If I can't say anything brilliant at least this tried and true phrase Such is Life can.  I think the first time I read this phrase was in a history textbook sometime in Middle school or my early years of High school, If I remember correctly they were applying it to government types.  As I continue to grow in age and maturity(sort of) I find that it is more applicable to life(of course) than government. I feel like this is getting slightly boring, I will now tell a comical story to prevent the ensuing boredom.  Flashback to yesterday evening.......
It is Saturday night at Brand 33, and we have about 25 kids from Sister's high with reservations for prom.  With their prom special, the prom dates get virgin cocktails(Glorified Hawaiian punch) and for some silly reason someone chose to put the drinks in very tippy plastic cocktail glasses. Having been away from the restaurant business for months while I was away at school, my tray carrying balancing skills are seriously lacking.  And so it was that I managed to do the classic klutz server move... I dumped the last punch in the middle of a beautifully dressed prom couple.  The cup that spilled was of course the last on the tray and the punch was of course red.  Miraculously the punch only splashed on the chairs and the couple emerged unscathed; even still, I was emotionally quite flustered.  Not to mention So embarrassed.  As I rushed to clean up the mess and then returned I heard my name mentioned multiple times.  "Great", I thought to myself, "Someone, somehow knows me".  I said something like, "Great, and you guys know my name.  Who do I know here?"  Turns out the boy that I had so nearly soaked is also named Chandler. 
Anyway, as you can imagine, I dramatically stormed around the kitchen, sharing my opinion with the cooks that plastic martini glasses where a horrible idea. As I bussed the tables, I worried about my promotion to server happening as soon as I would like (it will happen next week but last night would've been nice).  This thought proves my point.  Sometimes it takes 3 days to make the transition rather than the 1 that you planned for... such is life.  ACTUALLY this metaphor goes even further.  I think I have illustrated that my night last night was a less than enjoyable one.  What I failed to mention was what happened after work. 
At 10 PM I arrived at the church to play basketball in an attempt to orient myself after a rough transition back to living at home.  After a few less than great games, I finally started to get a handle on things and scoring some baskets.  Just like it did at BYU, running around in the gym, fast breaking, stealing the ball in defense, etc. restored my sanity.  I left the gym quite uplifted.  Today, Sunday, has been absolutely wonderful.  I napped in the warm sun, ate a delicious dinner with my wonderful family outside in the sun, laughed with my mom, laughed with my siblings, hugged my dad, shared my testimony, did my hair in the lobby at church and somehow received compliments on it.  What I mean to say is, Such is Life.  One night we spill punch on prom couples and as little as a few hours later we are elated because of basketball.  A week of rough transitioning can go by and the resolution is beautiful.  What would life be without a few tumultuous times?  Without strife we couldn't enjoy the good things in life and embrace the blessing that we are given.  I learned this lesson when I moved to Provo last fall and here I am learning it again.  I have no doubt that I will learn it again before my time is up.  I will end this unfashionably long blog post.  Goodness.  They are going to kick me out!  Just consider this the challenging post that makes it easier to read the next, shorter post :)  
C'est La Vie~ Embrace It!