Thursday, June 16, 2011

Regarding the Book of Bests and Other Such Nonsense

Look at me! I am writing an entry half way through the month which means that my posting speed had increased by 50%!  At this rate I'll be posting VERY frequently in the near future...I'd better slow down or I'll never keep up! 

In order to keep YOUR attention and prolong MY carpal tunnel I have decided on an alternate way of giving my audience insight into my life.  I will write shorter posts!  It will include all of the less significant happenings in my life and together those small things will make a big picture for you! Alright, enough talk.  Here goes...

Yesterday as Ju and I wandered and giggled to pass the time while the boys (Bo and Danny) set fence posts in the ground, something sparked a thought in my mind.  I should make a book of bests in which I could record the most outstanding things that I find day by day.  The very obnoxious thing is that I had the very BEST best to start off with and now...I can't think of it for the world of me.  Blast.  I will ask Julia what it was and get back with that thought later. Entries from The Book of Bests to follow.

2. Singing in Harmony With a Stranger
As I title this thought I realize that it may not have been harmony...I for one wasn't singing a melody or harmony and I think it's safe to say that I didn't hear any on the other end.  So, as I mentioned, Bo, Danny, Ju and I went hiking yesterday after Bo and Danny put very heavy fence posts in the ground.  We hiked for a few hours in the warm sun and we had comical conversation the whole time.  At one point I was singing "Your Song" from Moulin Rouge as we were coming down Misery Ridge at Smith Rock.  I was singing it poorly and only one part over and over again(Isn't that obnoxious!)  When I ended, I heard a lady a switch-back below me exclaim about loving the song and finish it for me. I was very happy to think that tune was distinguishable from my crooning and even happier that such an obscure song would be the connection between to strangers hiking down the hill side.

3.On the Subject of Moulin Rouge
I recently discovered the music from this musical while I traveled with Nola Joy to the coast.  I haven't ever seen the movie.  The thing is... I LOVE the music but sometimes I blush when I realize what the subject matter is!! Anyway, I am in denial about the whole thing because I can not help but be enchanted by one, "Obi Wan Kanobi"'s voice.  Goodness Gracious.

4.Did I Say that this Would Be Short?
I try not to expound but apparently I have work to do.

5.Work at the Brand
I am now serving and it is going VERY well.  I feel pretty confident in everything except alcohol.  I secretly hope that I can avoid some of that knowledge.  They(some recent customers) tell me that as long I look good and get them their food fast I will be fine. I've been spending more time in front of the mirror before work lately... the fact that I know some of the terminology that I do makes me blush and I would rather not continue to learn more.

6.I am Falling Asleep
Hey! I just remembered a great thing to end on.  The other day I took an afternoon nap following not very much sleep and a lot of work for about 4 days.  I was tired and down for the count when my mom brought me the phone.  Chaser boy had questions about filling out an application and so of course I obliged.  Unfortunately on his third question I started thinking about an answer and slowly drifted back off to sleep. Seconds later I woke up to Chase's voice on the other end, "Hello?"  I had stopped mid sentence.  I guess it's better that I fell asleep while talking rather than driving aye?

With that last thought, I am going to finish becuase I would hate to fall asleep mid-post.  I think I will continue to work on the short post next time... I have so much that I want to say! I think too much apparently.  Sianara! Thanks for reading!  

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Time Flies

I am writing my second blog a month to date after my first one. This may or may not become a trend if I don't get myself to write more often...I will do my best to improve by 50% this month and have TWO whole blogs posted before July 1st.  Is that 50% or 100%? I'm not going to go any farther trying to fix my poor math with worse math. As I am writing this, I am noticing that it is becoming a novel and so I have decided upon making a key so that people can choose what to read and what not to read! :D
1st Paragraph: You already read it silly
2nd Paragraph: Run down on my coast trip and discussions about boys
3rd Paragraph: The AWESOME people of Central Oregon
4th Paragraph:  YSA Branch
I am excited to inform everyone that I have found the soundtrack to Moulin Rouge.  The movie is scandalous, or so the synopsis tells me, but I am can't help but be drawn like a magnet to Ewan McGregor's smooth as molasses voice.  You might wonder why this newsflash is's probably not but in case you wonder what soundtrack my life is running to currently, there you go!  I heard the music in the car with my dear aunt Nola and cousin Michealyn with whom  I ran to the coast for a day this last weekend.  As always, It was so  so so so fun and refreshing to be with them.  On our way, we picked up Jessica and Steve Hart who were in Eugene for a big track meet (Steve is on the BYU team).  They were a very very fun addition to our crew. We took poor pictures, ate delicious seafoods, sang very loudly and talked about boys almost the whole entire time.(Steve didn't have much input on the matter) Michealyn, Nola and I have had conversations about boys for longer than I can remember. This trip, filling my normal role, I mostly listened to their giddyness and laughed and giggled to egg them on. There have been times that I have been more involved and times that I have been a supporter more than contributor... these last few years I have found myself in the supporter seat which has proven to be very safe and comfortable.  In the supporter's seat I blush exponentially less and don't have to worry about looking back and grumbling about the things that I had spoken.  Additionally, as one can imagine, Central Oregon isn't exactly crawling with love intrests :)

Where there may not be love interests, there are certainly wonderful people that can be found in Central Oregon. First, Bo and Ju, more commonly known as BoBo and Julia Goolia. It would be pure stupidity to ask for better friends to adventure with.(The addition of Kyliegh Mae of course would be a most happy one) Yesterday Bo, Ju, and I joined the 20 toddlers and their mothers in the Redmond Cinemas to view Kung Fu Panda 2.  One should know that where I don't have much to add to boy talking sessions...I have quite a bit of laughing to add to a silent theater when there are Pandas doing kung fu.  Also last weekend, Danny Jorgenson and Steven Graves and Julia and Bo joined Adrienne, Nola, Michealyn and I in some "Octopus 8". The party started late...oops... and ended much later but it was SO much fun.  In addition to our fun and very competitive game we roasted Starbursts and planned Rexburg excursions.

The YSA branch.  I only wish that I could have extraordinary writing skills that enabled me to clearly describe and expound upon the Deschutes River YSA Branch.  I learn something from someone new everyday.  The little size of the branch pretty much does away with clicks and the result has been numerous friendships with intelligent people that add a lot of happiness and understanding to my life.  The branch has been my saving grace this summer especially because I miss BYU so much!  Lately, FHE has been ending in lengthy games of ultimate frisbee which in turn results in Chandler's body feeling very very sore and tired.  One night we even played until 11:30.  The branch has about 45 people in it on a very good day. Needless to say, everyone knows everyone.  I am currently serving in the relief society presidency as second counselor...the same calling that I had in my BYU ward.  Apparently I have things to improve upon I'm sure I always will.  I am very excited to have a calling in the branch to keep me busy.            
 I will write about work adventures later...I just got called in early.  Thanks for reading! Love you all!
Chandler Whitney